1. Permitting and technical preparatory actions for the prototypes installation
include the set up of a Technical committee for the coordination of the technical and administrative activities which is coordinated by the Emilia-Romagna region, the launch of the permitting procedures aimed at the authorizations for plants installations with the competent authorities.

2. Design and construction of the two upgrading plants
The two upgrading plants (from landfill and wastewater treatment biogas) will be designed and realized in parallel. The goal is to identify technologies with the best cost/benefit ratio for each type of plant, with respect to the chemical composition of the biogas to be treated and with respect to the volumes of gas to be upgraded. The prototypes will be provided with an on-line monitoring system which will record real time data.

3. Biomethane production from landfill biogas for direct grid injection
This activity refers to the realization, optimization and operation of a demonstrative plant for landfill biogas upgrade and direct injection in the natural gas grid at the demonstrative site of HERAmbiente in Ravenna. The upgrading plant will be located within the non-hazardous waste landfill area, occupying an overall surface of 1.100.000 m2.

4. Biomethane production from wastewater treatment sludge for transport
A demonstrative plant for biomethane production from biogas deriving from anaerobic digestion of wastewater treatment sludge will be designed, optimized and operational at the IREN Rinnovabili site of Roncocesi. The produced biomethane will be used for transport by means of a dedicated fuelling station.

5. Monitoring of biogas, produced biomethane and final biomethane uses
The biogas quality in the two prototype plants will be monitored before and after the plant operation, together with the quality of the produced biomethane and its final use. Besides quality aspects, additional performance indicators will be energy consumption data, environmental impact of the two plants, and the economical evaluations.

6. Regional guidelines for biomethane implementation at regional level.  Analysis of regional context and scenario evaluation  
The regional guidelines goal is to promote the development of the biomethane value chain in Emilia-Romagna. The guidelines will include recommendations about plants localization within the region, information about waste biomass availability, as well as economic feasibility evaluations and environmental sustainability.