ASTER S.cons.p.A. is the regional innovation consortium of Emilia-Romagna. Its main activities are related to fostering the innovation of the productive system, the development of structure and services for industrial research, the cooperation between companies and research and the valorization of human resources in these fields.
ASTER assists the regional government in the definition of the innovation and industrial research policies, for the following specific goals: i) promotion, development and growth of Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, consisting of industrial research laboratories and innovation centers, and organized in thematic platforms; ii) organization, in cooperation with Universities and Research Centers, higher education and training initiatives for the valorization of human capital in companies R&D  departments. ASTER is the coordinating beneficiary of Biomether and responsible for communication actions.

Emilia-Romagna Region The DG Productive Activities of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government has identified in biomethane one of the most promising strategies to reach the specific goals of the Regional Energy Plan. The Region participates to the project as co-financing institution, as member of the Steering Committee and of the Technical Committee through the Energy and the Agrofood System Development Services.

CRPA Lab Active since 1972, CRPA – Reserch Center for Animal Productions offers its expertise to private and public organizations in the field of agrofood industry and environment. It is a research and consulting organisation dealing with the improvement of the livestock sector and the related agro-industry by means of researches, studies, dissemination and technology transfer actions. The capital holders are the local public authorities, some farmer unions and a bank foundation. CRPA is a member of CIB (Italian Biogas Consortium) and has undertaken biogas and manure/organic waste treatment-based projects (studies, monitoring and supervision of pilot and demonstration plants for biogas production) for the European Union, the Emilia-Romagna Region, and several other research organizations. CRPA is member of the High Technology Network of Emilia-Romagna, participating to both Agri-Food Platform and Energy and Environment Platform. In Biomether, CRPA Lab is the scientific coordinator.

IREN Rinnovabili Iren Group is active in the fields of electric energy, gas, district heating, integrated water cycle and environment, besides providing public services (such as telecommunications, public lighting, traffic control services, facility management). The group serves a multiregional territory of more than 7,200,000 inhabitants, with about 4,650 employees, a portfolio of more than 1.5 million clients for the energy market and more than 4.6 million citizens served with water and environmental services. IREN is one of the main Italian multiutilities, directed towards service providers and the creation of infrastructures to improve and valorize the territory, respecting the environment and the clients. The main activities of IREN Rinnovabili deal with: environment, water, renewable energy, district heating. In Biomether, IREN Rinnovabili is responsible for the upgrading site from sewage sludge to produce biomethane for transport use.

HERAmbiente The Hera Group is a leading Energy (distribution and sale of methane gas,electricity and district heating), water and environmental services company on the Italian scene. It was founded in 2002 as a result of the first and most significant business combination in the public utilities sector. The company currently operates over Emilia-Romagna region and serves over three milion people with 6,700 employees.
Herambiente was created in 2009 with the objective to concentrate Hera Group’s exclusive expertise in environmental services. In particular Herambiente organises and manages all the operational and commercial activities linked to plants for treatment, recovery and disposal of urban, commercial and
industrial waste (hazardous and non hazardous). In 2010 Herambiente has treated 5.4 million tonnes of waste in 73 plants (waste dumps, waste-to-energy plants, selection plants, composting plants, chemical/physical treatmens plants,etc.).
In particular, Herambiente has been driving investments in WTE plants, sludge treatment plants, energy recovery plants from biomass, and energy recovery from landfill biogas.
Within Biomether, Herambiente is responsible for the demonstration plant upgrading landfill biogas to biomethane for injection in the natural gas grid.

SOL Group is an Italian multinational group which operates in Italy, in 22 other European countries, Turkey, India and Morocco.
SOL Group is engaged in production, applied research and distribution activities pertaining to industrial, pure and medicinal gases, in home-care medical business, as well as in the sector for related medical equipment. The products and services of companies belonging to the Group are used in the chemical, electronics, iron and steel, engineering and foodstuff industries, as well as in sectors such as environmental protection, research and health. Since 1973 SOL is present in Emilia-Romagna with a plant located in Ravenna. Within Biomether, SOL is the technical partner responsible for the design and realization of the two upgrading plants.