This action aims at developing supporting tools for planning and subsidizing the biomethane value chain in Emilia-Romagna, summarized in Regional Guidelines. They contain indications about plant locations, minimization of the environmental impacts of the plants, administrative procedures, economic evaluations and reccomandations for the agricultural sector aimed at supporting the biomethane value chain.

The Guidelines include:  i) a survey and assessment of the regional methanogenic potential to estimate the availability of waste biomass, of organic waste, sewage sludge, or by-products which can be used for biomethane production; ii) census of natural gas regional grid through a georeferenced database with data on grid location and grid pressure (high, medium, low) of the natural gas grid; iii) regional scenarios and identification of suitable areas for biomethane plant locations which will result in an on-line georeferenced tool, available on the project website, useful for local administrations as well as for the various local stakeholders interested in the biomethane value chain.

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