• Adjustment and optimization of biogas upgrading technologies based on membranes for landfill biogas and for municipal sewage sludge biogas
  • Construction and operation of two demonstration plants for biomethane production for direct injection in the natural gas grid and for transport use
  • Evaluation of biomass waste availability in the region as for agricultural and agroindustrial by-products, waste and organic waste, as well as of the overall methanogenic potential in the region
  • Realization of guidelines supporting the regional administration in the design of regional policies fostering biomethane value chain development
  • Quantification of the impacts of biomethane production through the monitoring of biomass source characteristics, process efficiency, produced energy, avoided CO2 emissions, with an LCA based approach to develop regional criteria for the sustainability of the biomethane value chain.

In numbers, in about two years of demonstration plants operation:
675,000 m3 of biomethane injected in the natural gas grid
420,000 m3 of biomethane used for transport
2,100 tons of avoided CO2 emissions