Monday, 9 July 2018

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

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Global developments in the alternative fuels sector: biomethane and LNG amongst key players!

AltFuels Magazine includes four existing publications: The GasVehicles Report, Asian NGV Communications, NGV Journal.US, and NGVAfrica.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

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EBS, a provider of public transport in the Waterland region, directly north of Amsterdam, will from the end of 2018 refuel 53 buses with renewable natural gas (RNG), ‘green gas’ under an agreement with PitPoint BV, a Netherlands-based operator of renewable natural gas (RNG) filling stations.

The 10-year agreement further enhances PitPoint’s position as the largest supplier of green gas to road traffic in the country. In addition, PitPoint is building two filling stations in Spijkenisse and Hellevoetsluis for green gas buses for EBS and will be responsible for managing and maintaining these for the next 10 years also.

The total amount of upgraded biogas (bio methane) is 90 million Nm3 a year, originating mainly from industrial biogas plants and waste management companies (source: BiogasAction)

Using renewable natural gas (biomethane), lowers CO2 emissions by 75 per cent compared to diesel, while the total costs are comparable. This makes green gas the most efficient way to achieve ambitious sustainability objectives.

In the Netherlans, there are currently 26 biogas upgrading plants, mostly feeding biomethane into the gas grid (Biomethane map, EBA, january 2018). The most common technology used for upgrading biogas to biomethane is membrane separation.  Overall, the percentage of biogas energy converted into heat is 56% and into electricity 33%. 8% of the energy is used as vehicle fuel, one of the highest levels in the world (IEA Bioenergy, 2015).

Source: NGV Global News

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

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Snam and Baker Hughes (BHGE) signed an agreement aimed at developing micro-liquefaction infrastructure to boost clean mobility in heavy duty trucks and to promote sustainability in maritime transportation in Italy. Both companies will determine by the end of 2018 the feasibility of the future development of four small-scale liquefaction plants distributed throughout the country. Each almost the size of a football field, these would be the first micro-LNG plants in Italy and among the first of their kind in Europe.

Source: NGV - Journal

Thursday, 19 April 2018

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The European Biomethane Conference offers a platform to discuss new trends and perspectives on biomethane and renewable gases in Europe. For the last three years, the conference took place in Berlin and received around 150 participants from more than 15 countries annually.

Why Dublin this year? The technical potential of biomethane in Ireland has been estimated at around 33PJ in 2020, equivalent to around 11% of final energy demand or a third of total gas demand. With this conference, organized jointly with RGFI, we are sending out a signal for the development of a biomethane market in Ireland.

Minister Denis Naugthen of the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment (DCCAE) has been invited to speak about Ireland contribution to fighting climate change. Malcolm McDowell of DG Energy will share the activities on the recast of Renewable Energy Directive and its implications for bioenergy.
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Thursday, 15 March 2018

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Today marks the first anniversary of the trial on the Panda powered only by biomethane produced at CAP Group’s wastewater treatment plant in Bresso-Niguarda (Milan). On 14 March 2017 Elisa Boscherini (Head of FCA Institutional Relations for the EMEA area) handed the car over to Alessandro Russo, Chairman of the CAP Group, in Turin. This marked the start of the #BioMetaNow project, involving FCA and the CAP Group together with the LifeGate network, which promotes sustainable development in Italy.

Read the full article here: Fiat Panda Natural Power runs on biomethane for a whole year

Monday, 5 March 2018

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The National Decree which is introducing a support scheme for biomethane, especially targeted to the transport sector, has been officially signed by the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy.

This Decree sets for Italy the target for renewable fuels at 10% by 2020, and within this target 0,9% from advanced biomethane and other advanced biofuels in 2020 and 1,5% in 2022. The Decree foresees also to substitute biofuels which are imported with national produced biofuels, supporting in this way the waste management and agricultural sector.

This paves the way towards the official uptake of the new Decree within the National Regulation, so long awaited by the biomethane sector to unlock private investments.

Source: Press Release, Italian Ministry of Economic Development