The landfill prototype treats the biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion of some sections (sector I-II-III) of the multifunctional area located at the 2,6 km on S.S. Romea Nord (Ravenna). This biogas flux is currently collected by dedicated high-efficiency systems and converted into electric energy by cogeneration (production of 1,6 MW).  For the demonstrative plant a biogas flux of 100-150 m3/h containing about 45-55% of methane, which by means of the upgrading process will be increased up to 98%. In this way biomethane will meet the requirements for grid injection. 

It is estimated that the plant will be operational for at least 18 months, achieving a total biomethane production of 675,000 m3. During plant operation, biogas quality will be monitored before and after the upgrading plant, together with the quality of the plant components, the materials, and the level of corrosion, in order verify/validate the correct functioning of the whole system and operate the fine tuning.

The goal is the production of biomethane which complies with grid standards which will be delivered via tank to a public transport fleet refuelling station. 

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