The objective of this action is to obtain all the necessary permits and authorizations in order to start the
installation of the upgrading prototype units that will be constructed and then installed.
It has to be noted that the EU DG Energy reports that the permitting procedure is one of the barrier that most affects bioenergy installations (based on a 2009 benchmark study of 130 real cases).
In Italy, the national regulation about biomethane grid injection was issued shortly after the kick off of the project (December 2013), and not yet defined in its technical and administrative details. Thus, there is no experience yet both from the practical point of view and from the administration point of view with biogas upgrading plants. This makes Biomether even more valuable as pioneering project.

Planned activities are:

- Setting-up of a Technical Committee which will coordinate the action, supervise the permitting
procedure, analyze technical problems, find solutions, provide scientific background. The Technical Committee will be chaired by the Regione Emilia-Romagna (RER)
- Definition of common authorization procedures for each pilot site which include construction authorization, released by the Municipality, active/passive fire prevention system by local Fire Department, local Sanitary Agency authorization, pilot plant installation, Fire Department authorization, and authorization from Health Agency
- Activation of specific administrative procedures for the use of biomethane as transport fuel
- Activation of specific administrative procedures for the injection of biomethane into the grid based on technical requirements defined by the national regulation (DM 5 Dic.2013).

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