The variability of sources (urban solid waste and waste water treatment sludge) and of processes producing biogas sources in the two different plants causes different biogas composition especially in terms of microcomponents, which can affect the overall upgrading efficiency and its characteristics.
The quality standards defined at European level by the WG CEN 475 will be used as reference criteria for the quality of produced biomethane.

Monitoring of the HERA biogas plant, of the upgrading plant and of the final use of biomethane for grid injection at the Landfill site of HERA in Ravenna
This phase includes approximately 15 months during which the following parameters will be monitored:
the quality and quantity of produced biogas, the upgrading plant efficiency, and the quality of the produced biomethane in terms of chemical composition, environmental impact, energy consumption and management costs at HERA demonstrative plant located in Ravenna.

Monitoring of the biogas producing plant, of the upgrading plant and of the final use of biomethane as transport fuel at the demonstrative site of IREN in Roncocesi
At the demonstrative site of IREN, for about 15 months, the sludge quality, the quantity of produced biogas, the standard parameters indicating  the performance of an anaerobic digestion plant, the quality of produced biomethane, the quality of the digestate, the energy consumption, the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs will be monitored.

Analysis of socio-economical impacts of the project on local economy and population
Next to technical monitoring of the demonstrative plants performances, a cost-benefit analysis will be realized on the use of biomethane instead of fossil energy sources, as well as on the effective environmental and economic savings. The installation of biogas upgrading plant in Emilia-Romagna will be monitored during the project lifetime. Particular attention will be paid to the impacts on the population, assessing the impacts on employment and monitoring the general level of awareness about biomethane.

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