It is composed by key stakeholders working together with BioMethER partners to promote the biogas/biomethane value chain at European level:

European Biogas Association, since 2009 is the leading European association in the field of biogas and biomethane production covering the anaerobic digestion and gasification industries. Arthur Wellinger, for EBA took part to the first European Technical Committe di BioMethER event at Ecomondo 2017.

Geneco is a food waste management and renewable energy company which is managing a large wastewater treatment plant in Bristol (UK) now producing biomethane at up to 1900 m3/hour for grid injection. They were involved in the first test of the biomethane fed bus in cooperation with FIRST, a large public transport company in UK. Geneco plants in Bristol were visited by BioMethER partners in October 2017.

FIRST is a large multinational public transport company which ran together with Geneco the"BioBus" test, the first bus in the UK to be powered by gas derived from food, sewage and commercial liquid wastes. The bus travelled over 300km on a full tank of gas (stored on the roof), an amount of fuel which can be produced by the annual food and sewage waste of just five passengers. The distinctive livery on the bus depicted the source of the fuel that powered the bus.

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