The anaerobic digestion prototype will be installed at the site of IREN Rinnovabili in Roncocesi, located to the north east of the city of Reggio Emilia. Currently, part of the biogas obtained from the anaerobic digestion of waste water treatment sludge is used for the thermal needs of the sludge treatment plant and for the heating of offices (about 400,000 m3/year), while the exceeding quantity is burned in a flare system (approx. 250,000 m3/year). It is planned to use the latter biogas flux for biomethane production.

Preparation of the site and installation of the anaerobic digestion prototype
This activity deals with the realization of the necessary piping to convey the biogas to the upgrading plant and of the infrastructure needed to deliver the produced biomethane to the fuelling station. The biogas production plant is currently in operation. This activity will be performed by IREN Rinnnovabili with the cooperation of SAFE.

Biomethane production and refuelling (operation and test)
The anaerobic digestion upgrading prototype will work for a total period of 30 months including the fine tuning, testing, optimization and validation activity required for prototyping scope. During plant operation, biogas quality will be monitored before and after the upgrading plant. It is estimated that the plant will be operational for at least 18 months, achieving a total biomethane production of 90,000 Kg/year, sufficient for the refueling of about 8,000 vehicles.

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