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In Europe, up to 70% of the feedstocks used for biogas production come from the agricultural sector and include manure, energy crops and agricultural residues.

Utilisation of agricultural residues such as manure is significant in countries where the animal husbandry and dairy sectors are developed. Biogas provides a profitable slurry management solution while creating new business opportunities in rural areas suffering from depopulation.

Increasingly, existing anaerobic digestion plants are converted from power generation to upgrading
to biomethane. New biomethane plants have started operations in several EU countries, their
number tripled since 2011. Biomethane, has same characteristics to natural gas and can therefore
replace it in all its uses. With the right incentives, biomethane is a commercially viable fuel: it can rely on existing natural gas infrastructure and it contributes to reaching European climate targets by reduced CO2 emissions and improved air quality.

Source: Policy brief report on biogas by Bioenergy Europe 

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