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Xebec announced the operation of its first ever Italian biogas upgrading plant in Modena. Based on Xebec’s innovative Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) product line, the plant is successfully producing pure biomethane, also known as renewable natural gas, and injecting it into the local gas grid of AS RETIGAS.

Environmental service provider AIMAG had been collecting municipal waste, specifically source-separated organics, to produce biogas through an anaerobic digester (AD). The biogas was purified and used as renewable energy for a combined heat and power (CHP) unit.

AIMAG hired environmental engineering and construction firm Atzwanger AG-SpA to help them maximize their biogas opportunity. Atzwanger chose Xebec as its upgrading supplier after extensive evaluation of various technologies. Xebec’s innovative PSA technology was selected as the most reliable, cost effective and simple solution in this specific setting.

“This brand new dry-digestion-plant of organic waste is one of the first in the country to feed biomethane into a public grid thanks to the vision and determination of our client AIMAG, and one of the fastest ever built thanks to our key partners Xebec and Strabag,” said Dr. C. Atzwanger, Managing Director, Atzwanger AG-SpA.

Dr. Francesco Massari, General Manager, Xebec Europe, also commented: “We’re delighted to have this first Xebec upgrading system operating in Modena, proving our system’s performance and reliability in Italy. Xebec is already a market leader in France with over 20 PSA systems delivering consistent, quality biomethane to customers. Italy is strategically becoming the second key market for Xebec in Europe.”

Source: Xebec

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