Thursday, 18 October 2018

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The second national meeting on biomethane took place on October 11 in Bologna organized by the NGO Legambiente with the contribution of BioMethER who was amongst the industrial experiences presented at the conference.

In Italy, natural gas plays an important role as it represents the 34.6% of gross domestic consumption: 70.914 million cubic meters, distributed between the residential  (40.7% of consumption), industrial (20.4%) and transport (1.5%) sectors.

Biomethane production in the agricultural sector alone could cover 12% of current consumption of gas in Italy with obvious environmental and economic advantages. Biomethane is a fundamental link for the correct treatment of biodegradable waste in the context of the new circular economy scenario at the national level, starting from the central and southern regions of Europe. It can also play a fundamental role in our country's energy strategy, to reduce air pollution and to combat climate change.

According to the Italian Thermotechnical Committee the biomethane is able, in fact, to avoid the emission of greenhouse gases of at least 75% compared to those of fossil fuels, a fundamental contribution to the goal of containing the global warming within 1.5 degrees centigrade as recently advocated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

All presentations (in Italian) are available here

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