Wednesday, 8 August 2018

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New boost for biomethane use for transport in Italy: SNAM and API have signed a framework agreement for the development of approximately 200 new natural gas and biomethane fuelling stations in Italy, within IP commercial network. The agreement is part of both companies’ commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and aims to extend the distribution network of natural gas for transport throughout the country.

New boost for biomethane use in the transport sector in Italy from the Snam-Api framework agreement. Snam and Api Group will jointly identify existing fuelling stations on the IP ordinary and motorway networks where they will be able to install facilities to supply CNG (compressed natural gas) to cars. Distributors of LNG (liquefied natural gas) for heavy-duty vehicles are also under consideration. The first 30 stations will be contractualized within the first few months of 2019.

The use of natural gas in transport is one of the leading technologies available to help reduce emissions and improve air quality, as well ensuring significant financial benefits for consumers.

Today’s agreement will help promote sustainable mobility in Italy therefore benefitting both the environment and consumers. Snam4Mobility’s initiatives are aimed at sector operators to support the development of natural gas and biomethane fuelling stations and their increased presence in the country’s various regions, which will help improve the quality of supply to consumers.

Italy is the leading European market for natural gas consumption for vehicles, with over 1 million existing vehicles using CNG. Liquefied gas is an immediate and readily available solution to eliminate particulate matter and reduce CO2 emissions in heavy-duty transport, and is growing rapidly: the number of vehicles using this fuel in Italy has increased from less than 100 in 2015 to approximately 1,000 today.

Source: SNAM press release


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