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EBS, a provider of public transport in the Waterland region, directly north of Amsterdam, will from the end of 2018 refuel 53 buses with renewable natural gas (RNG), ‘green gas’ under an agreement with PitPoint BV, a Netherlands-based operator of renewable natural gas (RNG) filling stations.

The 10-year agreement further enhances PitPoint’s position as the largest supplier of green gas to road traffic in the country. In addition, PitPoint is building two filling stations in Spijkenisse and Hellevoetsluis for green gas buses for EBS and will be responsible for managing and maintaining these for the next 10 years also.

The total amount of upgraded biogas (bio methane) is 90 million Nm3 a year, originating mainly from industrial biogas plants and waste management companies (source: BiogasAction)

Using renewable natural gas (biomethane), lowers CO2 emissions by 75 per cent compared to diesel, while the total costs are comparable. This makes green gas the most efficient way to achieve ambitious sustainability objectives.

In the Netherlans, there are currently 26 biogas upgrading plants, mostly feeding biomethane into the gas grid (Biomethane map, EBA, january 2018). The most common technology used for upgrading biogas to biomethane is membrane separation.  Overall, the percentage of biogas energy converted into heat is 56% and into electricity 33%. 8% of the energy is used as vehicle fuel, one of the highest levels in the world (IEA Bioenergy, 2015).

Source: NGV Global News

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