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Utility Engie and supermarket chain Carrefour have announced plans to cooperate on the logistics to operate 200 biomethane-powered trucks around France by the end of 2017.

In an announcement, the two said the move would reduce CO2 emissions by 75% and cut other pollutants from fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

Carrefour and Engie’s alternative-fuel subsidiary GNVERT have been working together on testing biomethane for road haulage since 2013.

According to the two companies, “the success” of the tests means Carrefour has decided to “accelerate the deployment” of biomethane powered vehicles with the goal of opening nine service stations by the end of the year.

The stations, which would also be open to the public, would allow the 200 trucks to deliver to 250 urban stores in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille.

The first of the these stations, which was opened this week, is located in La Courneuve and will serve the Paris region.

GNVERT chief executive Philippe Van Deven said: “The inauguration of this station marks a new stage in the development of alternative fuels in France, and in particular that of biomethane fuel.

Carrefour is the first to have committed itself so resolutely to using biomethane fuel in France and in Europe. We are very proud to be able to support them with innovative solutions that open up new perspectives for the energy transition of fuels.”

The stations will also allow natural gas-powered vehicles, such as coaches and refuse-collection trucks, to refuel there.

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Source: European Biogas Association


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