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Knowlegde Transfer Centre De Marke in The Netherlands (Hengelo, Gelderland) – has now become the first farm to supply upgraded biogas to the national gas grid via the Bio-Up plant. The Bio-Up is a small-scale biogas upgrading facility for use on farms, treating biogas produced from fermented manure. The tried and tested technology that is used in other larger-scale systems has been converted into a smaller unit.

Until now, biogas was often used in combined heat and power installations (CHP). These installations convert biogas into electricity (35%) and heat (50%), with a loss rate of 15%. In many cases, however, the livestock farmers themselves actually only use the electricity generated. The Bio-Up ensures that the biogas is upgraded to green gas, of the same grade as natural gas, meaning that livestock farmers can convert manure into energy at a rate of 100%.

The developer, CCS Energy Advice from Deventer, has managed to produce gas in a safe, convenient and cost-effective way making it available to individual farmers. René Cornelissen, Director of CCS:‘Using Bio-Up, the average farmer can produce enough green gas to meet the needs of around 200 households! And with virtually no emissions, noise or smell. In addition, all the manure remains on site, so no transportation is required. Farmers (or farmer’s cooperatives) can start to make a profit using this system if they have around 170 cows or more. We believe that this innovative system will enable the sector to make so much progress when it comes to sustainability. If just 1,000 Bio-Up systems are brought into use, this would reduce the CO2 emissions of the entire agricultural sector by around 8%.’

CCS has developed two systems with different capacities: the units can supply up to 20 m³/h or 40 m³/h of green gas. By standardizing these capacities, costs have been kept low and these volumes are suitable for the majority of dairy farms. Under current regulations in the Netherlands, it will be possible to recoup the required investment within seven years using these new biogas installations.

Using funding from TKI Gas, the Department for Dutch Entrepreneurship, LTO Noord, the Province of Overijssel and Climate-KIC, and working with many other partners, CCS has succeeded in applying robust and simple techniques in an innovative manner. For example, the gas can be supplied directly to the local low-pressure gas network using a simple domestic connection. As a result, operating costs and power consumption are kept to a minimum. Another priority was ease-of-use: the Bio-Up is fully automated so that the farmer does not need to worry about constantly regulating the system and remote technical support can be provided. The system will be delivered in a container, enabling flexible placement on the farm. These innovations make it possible for the biogas installation to produce basic fuel for transport, so it also functions as a ‘green gas station’.

Source: Climate KIC

Bio-Up plant in Hengelo

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