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The Ozegna (near Torino) biogas plant owned by Egea New Energy S.p.A, a company of   EGEA S.p.A. group, multi-utility company with headquarters in Alba, now also produces biomethane for transport.

The existing biogas plant, converting animal manure and silage from vegetables (corn, sorghum and ryegrass), is operational since 2011. The produced biogas is partially used to fuel a cogeneration plant, and, from october, is feeding an upgrading plant realized by HYSYSTEC in cooperation with BRC Fuelmaker. The plant is a true example of local industry for sustainable biomethane production and use in the automotive sector. The cogeneration plant is able to support the energy demand of the whole process.

Furthermore CNH Industrial, through its range of Irisbus, has made available a fleet of minibuses with ecological engines to natural gas that can be fed with the biomethane produced by this plant. FCA as well confirms its commitment to sustainable mobility by providing a 500L, a Doblò Panorama and a Doblò Cargo Natural Gas. These natural gas engines do not require any specific modification to use biomethane. In fact a vehicle fueled by biomethane has the same technical performance of a vehicle fueled by fossil methane, but its CO2 emissions are comparable to those of the electric car.

Source: Hysystech

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