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A demonstration upgrading plant producing renewable natural gas (biomethane) from organic waste will be installed in China within a dairy farm. The dairy farm being used for the demonstration operation is located at SF LEO’s 300 acre Shahe Agricultural Park in Dingzhou, China, a city in the Southwest of Hebei province. Digesters will be fed cow manure and crop straw to generate biogas. The ‘Rimu’ plant will upgrade the biogas at a rate between 250 and 800 cubic meters per hour to produce biomethane for vehicles.

“We chose the ‘Rimu’ after a thorough evaluation of Greenlane’s biogas upgrading solution and site visits to projects utilizing their systems in both North America and Europe,” said Chaoyang Hu, CEO for SF LEO. “This eco-dairy farm demonstration will allow us to turn waste into wealth and increase the sustainability of dairy farming in China.”

This will be the first venture in RNG production for SF LEO, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Hebei provincial government to develop 30 agricultural waste to RNG projects over the next five years. China's interest for biogas upgrading technologies as a solutions to effectively manage agricultural waste while developing a clean source of energy remains high.

Source: NGV Global News

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