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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and CNH Industrial recently announced a new partnership with Air Liquide to promote the use of biogas as transport fuel in Europe. Objective of the agreement is the demonstration of the environmental benefits resulting from the use of biomethane. The initiative was launched at Expo 2015 which FCA has supplied with a fleet of 50 dual fuel Fiat 500L (methane/petrol), and CNH has equipped with a 7 busses fleet, fueled by compressed natural gas. All these vehicles can be fueled by biomethane, which is however not yet available in Italy.

Fca Industrial and CNH will promote the injection in the european grid of a quantity of biomethane equivalent to about 70,000 m3 of natural gas for the vehicles supplied by Fiat and 270,000 m3 for the busses supplied by Iveco Bus Expo 2015. The use of such amount of biomethane instead of fossil natural gas will avoid the emission into the atmosphere of more than 100 tons of CO2. Besides providing the important environmental benefits of natural gas fuelled vehicles (reduction of CO2 emissions and other pollutants), the use of biomethane is even more sustainable in a 'well-to-wheel' perspective, as a vehicle powered by biomethane derived from agricultural, food or animal waste, would produce an amount of CO2 emissions equivalent to that of an electric vehicle powered with renewable energy.
FCA and CNH industrial offer solutions for sustainable mobility in the sectors they operate, i.e. private and collective transport, as well as mobility applications for freight and agriculture. In agriculture, CNH industrial, through its own brand New Holland Agriculture, promotes alternative fuels since 2006, and has developed the concept of "Energy independent farm", in which agricultural waste is recycled for alternative fuel production for vehicles and machinery used in the field.

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