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Organized in the framework of the EXPO 2015 related events, this international conference aims at exploring the biogas/biomethane value chain as a possible solution to one of the toughest challenges for the planet: sustainable energy production from agricultural waste.

The conference will be an opportunity for an international debate, starting from the advanced
experience of the territory of Reggio Emilia and from Italy, and opening new perspectives
on the European and International context (see detailed program).

In collaboration with the Research Centre on Animal Production (CRPA) of Reggio Emilia,
the conference will offer an occasion of international study and exchange of best practices
on renewable energy related to agriculture, with a focus on value chain of biogas/
biomethane, together with visits and meetings with research centres, university, biogas
plants, and associations (CIB-Italian Biogas Consortium).

Throughout the conference it will be possible to meet and get to know companies, cooperatives
and producers with relevant experiences on these themes.

Venue: Reggio Emilia, Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi
When: 30/06/2015-01/07/2015

Online registration here, participation is free of charge

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