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According to the latest EBA Biogas Report, the thermal and electric energy produced from biomass in Europe are sufficient to meet the equivalent annual consumption of households of Belgium and Slovenia put together.

There are already more than 14 500 biogas plants in Europe and the number is still growing. In the centre of attention in 2013 were central European countries: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland where an increase of 18% in the number of biogas plants in the region was recorded.
While other key biogas producing countries, such as the UK, France and Sweden, continue to develop on a steady rate over several years already, stagnation is observed in some of the biggest biogas contributors, such as Germany and Italy. 

Biomethane industry followed the growing trend of biogas, reaching 282 plants across Europe with a total production of 1.375 billion m3. Utilisation possibilities are emerging, as the number of biomethane filling stations doubled in 2013 increasing the share of biomethane used in transport to 10% of the total produced biomethane in Europe.

The concerns are mainly related to the foreseen changes in support schemes across Europe. The Czech Republic and Cyprus already ceased support for biogas plants, while German and Austrian biogas plant operators are facing local caps. EBA will further work to ensure continuous growth of the biogas-based energy in the whole continent, as it is extremely important for Europe’s energy security and decarbonisation.

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