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This year, two large biomethane plants  where biogas from organic waste is upgraded have been connected to the natural gas grid in Austria. In the region of Voralberg, 18,600 tonnes of organic waste are transformed into 50 million kWh each year, enough to cover the energy demand of 300 dwellings.

Michael Mock, director of the Association of suppliers of gas and district heating networks (FGW) and spokesperson for Gas Initiative, illustrates the rapid development of the sector: "In 2013 were produced a total of 55 GWh biomethane, while already during the first four months of 2014, we have reached 35 GWh".

In Austria, the biomethane is treated as natural gas, while electricity produced from biogas has a dedicated incentive. According to Mock, a revision is needed if Austria is serious about reducing its emissions of particulate matter and CO2.

The first biogas upgrading plant in Austria was built in 2005, now there are about nine. The total amount of biomethane injected in the grid amounts to seven million cubic meters. However, according to FGW, the country has the potential to produce up to seven hundred million cubic meters of biomethane.

Source: OTS

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